Announcing Component Usage


This procedure is still under development.


This topic covers how to properly announce the usage of component(s) on the summit.



  • Usage is properly noted and established to the appropriate authorities.

Tutorial Steps

  • Announcements are to be made in the #summit-announce Slack channel

  • People who participate in testing or infrastructure support/development must be actively monitoring that channel

  • All announcements for all work that may affect the summit DDS network or its infrastructure are required

    • Includes Nublado updates, invasive networking changes etc.

  • Announcement Guidelines/Procedure:

    The following rules are also bookmarked in the channel.

    • Make announcement when ready to begin work

      • Include estimate of how long the systems will be in use

      • Include name of other channel where conversation on the work will take place

    • List the CSC(s) you plan on using and a 1 or 2-sentence synopsis of what you are doing

      • You can refer to systems like AT, MT, ComCam etc. in lieu of listing all the CSCs to be used

    • Make announcement when ready to begin work

      • A 1 or 2 sentence summary of the tests performed is strongly encouraged


No troubleshooting information is applicable to this tutorial.

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This procedure was last modified Sep 01, 2023.

This procedure was written by Patrick Ingraham. The following are contributors: Michael Reuter.